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Meet Gully :)

IMG_0059 - brightened

IMG_0055Lunch by the water


IMG_0064Nice view relaxing at Mama Duke’s

IMG_0095…just because…


So I took a little unexpected hiatus from this new little project but with midterms, work and still trying to manage some kind of a social life…things have been a little tight in the free-time department!  In saying all that…I’m majorly excusing myself :)

The temperature has been warming up so much lately, which means it’s about that time for sundresses, shorts and anything to keep the heat at bay!  I’m not going to lie, it’s hard to keep from living in workout clothes down here during the spring and summer months, since sweating feels like a year-round burden!  Fortunately though, lately we’ve still been having some cooler evenings & nights, so I can’t complain too much.  Although it’s technically no longer boot & scarf weather at all anymore (especially compared to other parts of the country right now – whoo!), I still managed to sneak probably one last outfit in consisting of both before I start looking too ridiculous.

IMG_0312 - fixed 1





Top: H&M

Jeans: Articles of Society via Nordstrom

Scarf: Macy’s

Jacket: Macy’s

Boots: Wanted via DSW

Ok, so I admit I didn’t wear this today but that’s only because all that cooler weather we were having here is starting to fade and the ridiculous heat is returning slowly but surely! It’s still been pretty nice out, but it’s getting way too hot for boots :( Knowing that kind of weather doesn’t last here, a friend of mine snapped these cold-weather outfit shots of me last week!

School was really good today, I only had two classes and they both strayed from the normal routine, which was a nice change of pace. I got out early, ran some errands, fit in a sweat session at the gym and am actually home early…that’s something new! Tomorrow will be another 4am day to get my workout in before getting to the office, so I’m taking advantage and saying goodnight early!


IMG_0088 airbrushed 2


IMG_0128 cropped

IMG_0135 cropped brightened

Sweater: Francesca’s {Same – on sale}

Pants: Jolt via Nordstrom {Same}

Boots: Madden Girl via DSW {Same}

Purse: Billabong {Similar}

Glasses: Charming Charlie’s

I don’t know what it is about driving but I find it so therapeutic.  I know not everyone’s so fond of it, but if there’s something bothering me, it’s just one of the many outlets that helps me to see clearer, pray without distraction, get my thoughts in order and just retain some earlier state of calmness. The problem is sometimes you reach your destination and want to keep driving, ha! I have to admit that my enjoyment of driving, may also have something to do with what I’m driving. I’d like to introduce the blog to someone something, very special to me ;) I got her (yes, her) a few years ago right around my birthday and she’s been bringing me joy to drive around ever since!!

meet mini