Fresh flowers & a stack of magazines...simple pleasures

Fresh flowers & magazines…simple pleasures

Last post I mentioned Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project, and that I barely made it through the first chapter before creating my own plan for a Happiness Project! I found Gretchen’s story to be very motivating and relatable. After all, she was honest about the fact that she wasn’t depressed, nor was anything terribly wrong with her life but she recognized that she could possibly be happier.

My first step was to think about what made me happy, what didn’t and what I wanted/needed to do more of. Specifics. Then I made up some ‘commandments’ of my own, stealing only a few of Gretchen’s, to serve as reminders to myself throughout the process.

1: God always

2. Identify the problem

3: Make a plan & follow through

4: Do it now, whether you want to or not

5: Act the way you want to feel

6: Build yourself up, don’t tear yourself down

7: Let it go

8: Lighten up

9. Get messy

10: It’s the little things that count the most

11: Be kind

12: No deposit, no return (possibly my favorite)

13: Do good, feel good

14: Enjoy the process.

Next, I considered which general areas of my life I hoped to improve in most and broke those down into categories with specific goals attached to each. I chose 8 categories, which worked perfectly in carrying me through to the end of the year:

Finances, Love, Health, God, Friends, Mood, Attitude & Leisure.

I realize this little project isn’t necessarily fashion related per se but it was creating my capsule wardrobes that really got me thinking about the other areas in life that could benefit from that same kind of simplification. I’m writing about this project on the blog to keep myself accountable throughout and will still be sharing outfit pictures all the while (hopefully more consistently as that is one of the goals of the project).

My usual morning stop before work

An occasional morning stop to prepare for the day

Lately I have been working on curating my own version of a capsule wardrobe, inspired by the lovely Caroline over at Unfancy. Living in South Florida where it’s perpetually h-o-t makes it somewhat difficult to have much variety but I think I’ve finally found a happy mix of pieces for a Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter capsule. Being that we don’t get much cold, they aren’t drastically different but I’m okay with that!

Throughout the process, I have to say that the most effective of Caroline’s tips was to completely empty out my closet to begin. After mustering up the courage to do such a thing, I realized how helpful (and ridiculous) it was to see all my clothes laid out. Onward! I arranged all my clothes into piles, one of pieces that I unquestionably love, special occasion pieces, a maybe pile, a donation pile and a trash pile. Goodbye old jeans with rips in all the wrong places! To help myself part with some of the ‘maybes’, I stored them in a plastic container that I continue to sort through every so often.

Creating a capsule wardrobe has definitely been a process but it’s been one that I have enjoyed! The extra space in my closet exhilarates me because I love the feeling of lightening up and having less has actually allowed me to be more creative. Getting dressed feels easier & more enjoyable since everything in my closet now is loved & used. After discovering the joy that has come from scaling down my closet, I’ve been inspired to follow suit in other areas of my life. Since I started the capsule-project, I have since moved and lightened up loads in excessive belongings and have started reading Gretchen Rubin’s ‘The Happiness Project’. The book has been so inspiring that I barely got through Chapter 1 before formulating my own ’12 Commandments’ and Happiness goals for the rest of the year. Check it out, you will love it. More to come on how I plan to carry out my Happiness Project.


IMG_0216 - smile




Top: Kohls / Jeans: American Eagle / Scarf: Macys / Sandals: Roxy

I can’t believe its February already! I’m wondering how everyone is doing with their new year’s resolutions now that the first month of the year is over. I’m not usually one to make resolutions but I did write up some goals I had this time around. As I know I’ve mentioned before, last year was a rough one, probably one of the roughest I’ve had, but I’m happy to say that this year has started out on a much better note, thank God :)

Some of my goals were to go back to church: check, maintain a better skin regime for my face & body: check, experiment with makeup: check, drink more water: sort of check, start oil pulling: check, stay on top of my schoolwork: check, take more pictures and blog more: ehh not so much, and most of all I wanted to get back into my normal workout routine. The one I used to have before the hurricane-that-was-last-year hit. I almost don’t regret the exercise hiatus because I really did just have so much on my plate…BUT I sat down and made a realistic plan for days/times I could work out between work and school and have been sticking to it.

As nerdy as it may be, I bought one of those weekly white-boards so I can plan out my week of workouts and also what I need to be doing for school, what assignments are due when & other random to-do’s. Organization for the win! In fact I’ve even been able to squeeze in more workouts than I initially thought I’d be able to manage. Even on rest days I find myself craving some kind of healthy activity, so I’ll go for a rollerblading sesh or something else fun. Priorities I guess! My mantra lately has been: Happy, Healthy & Active!

I feel so much better overall and really missed feeling this fit and confident. I forgot how much that oomph can spill over into other things. I definitely have had more energy at my job, to get schoolwork done and have been going the extra mile now to meal prep and plan for the week in other areas too. My skin feels great and my attitude has been positively affected as well! I’d love to hear what other activities everyone else does to help with their overall health and happiness. I’m a runner and Tone It Up girl myself. The TIU workouts are perfect for me and I love the idea of having a weekly schedule that other girls are following along with too. The sense of community really helps me stay motivated and inspired.

I hope everyone has fun plans for Valentine’s Day xoxo