I was born & raised in South Florida and recently returned to school to get my Master’s in Speech Pathology. Only time will tell what the future holds but I not only want to use my gifts & talents to help people within my field but to, more importantly, reflect Christ and point people to Jesus. My joy overflows from His grace and mercy and it is my prayer that everyone comes to experience the One who gave up His very life to save us, that we may know and live for Him and one day spend eternity with Him.

I struggled with feelings of vanity in wanting to start this little blog for so long. Fashion? What impact does that have on what truly matters in this world? Then I realized that I myself am an actual creation of the Creator. God gifts us with creative spirits that no doubt mimic His own creative Spirit with talents, with likes and with dislikes. I know that my focus here in this temporary home is to keep my mind on eternity, to love the Lord with all my heart and to love my neighbors. I have to remind myself that doesn’t negate the fact that God made me, just one me, with all my gifts and passions and pursuits all the same. Fashion is not my life, it is a part of my life and I pray that I can turn every seemingly meaningless interest or hobby into something that I am thankful for and can use to impact others. That has a lot to do with wanting to shop secondhand. It’s small but I pray it still matters. I thank God for creating us the way He did; with different personalities, tastes, passions and quirks.

In addition to frequently playing dress up at local thrift stores and with my own wardrobe, I have also edited my closet so many times at this point, I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of it. I gave up capsules wardrobes because hi, it’s Florida. It can’t be done. It just can’t. I am also a complete homebody at heart. I love the art of homemaking. As old fashioned as it may be, creating a life & space that feel cozy and full of character is something I thoroughly enjoy. There’s something really special to me about having soft music playing in the background, year-round strings lights up, something baking in the oven, playing a scenic movie as I curl up in my PJ’s and being surrounded by all things that inspire comfort. All that being said, it does however make it difficult to leave home sometimes. Meep. I know how blessed I am to have so much and that not wanting to leave home is a blessing in itself.