Has it really been over a year since I’ve posted?! That’s pretty embarrassing.

This sad little Instapic is all I have right now but I just popped in to promise everyone myself that I will make more of an effort to get on here more often. After all, part of the idea behind this blog was to have something to look back on over the years to remember certain periods of my life. Even though things have been crazy lately, like starting grad school this Fall and dealing with some health issues (trying to make decisions on surgery for my endo), I still want to make it a point to get the camera out and document some of the time that has been whizzing by lately.

Cheers to trying harder to post in the midst of craziness. Maybe I’ve been waiting for things to die down lately but I think everyone can agree, you’ve got to learn how to function in the middle of chaos because sometimes the chaotic periods in life just seem to go on and on and on.

On a side note, as you can probably tell from my outfit, I’m dreaming of fall. Yes, I know technically it’s officially fall already but in the sunshine state, it’s very hard to tell. Meanwhile, I’ll keep pretending as I light cinnamon scented candles, make soup at home and pull out all the olive, navy, wine, mustard and pumpkin hued clothes I own. It’s not quite bootie weather yet but a girl can dream.