This is probably my new favorite picture of my mom because it’s just quintessentially her. She looks prettier than ever completely in her element while in the kitchen with the morning sun shining through the windows.

I don’t get to see my mom all that much since she lives about an hour away but I was so happy to have spent such a nice weekend together with her for Mother’s Day. I woke up bright & early and made the drive up for blueberry pancakes that were well worth the trip. I got to give her some gifts I’d been dying to give her and enjoy relaxing in her beautiful house before a nice lunch. The next day she went with me to have my stitches taken out from surgery (yes I am a major baby), took me out to an early dinner and then we watched Chef. I’ve been wanting to share that movie with her. If you haven’t seen it…go! Such a feel good movie and bonus, RDJ is in it. Swoon.

Happy Mother’s Day Mama! I’m happy to say you’re my mom. Thank you for your support, your unconditional love and your friendship. You don’t know how much I treasure how our relationship has grown :)