Fresh flowers & a stack of magazines...simple pleasures

Fresh flowers & magazines…simple pleasures

Last post I mentioned Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project, and that I barely made it through the first chapter before creating my own plan for a Happiness Project! I found Gretchen’s story to be very motivating and relatable. After all, she was honest about the fact that she wasn’t depressed, nor was anything terribly wrong with her life but she recognized that she could possibly be happier.

My first step was to think about what made me happy, what didn’t and what I wanted/needed to do more of. Specifics. Then I made up some ‘commandments’ of my own, stealing only a few of Gretchen’s, to serve as reminders to myself throughout the process.

1: God always

2. Identify the problem

3: Make a plan & follow through

4: Do it now, whether you want to or not

5: Act the way you want to feel

6: Build yourself up, don’t tear yourself down

7: Let it go

8: Lighten up

9. Get messy

10: It’s the little things that count the most

11: Be kind

12: No deposit, no return (possibly my favorite)

13: Do good, feel good

14: Enjoy the process.

Next, I considered which general areas of my life I hoped to improve in most and broke those down into categories with specific goals attached to each. I chose 8 categories, which worked perfectly in carrying me through to the end of the year:

Finances, Love, Health, God, Friends, Mood, Attitude & Leisure.

I realize this little project isn’t necessarily fashion related per se but it was creating my capsule wardrobes that really got me thinking about the other areas in life that could benefit from that same kind of simplification. I’m writing about this project on the blog to keep myself accountable throughout and will still be sharing outfit pictures all the while (hopefully more consistently as that is one of the goals of the project).