My usual morning stop before work

An occasional morning stop to prepare for the day

Lately I have been working on curating my own version of a capsule wardrobe, inspired by the lovely Caroline over at Unfancy. Living in South Florida where it’s perpetually h-o-t makes it somewhat difficult to have much variety but I think I’ve finally found a happy mix of pieces for a Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter capsule. Being that we don’t get much cold, they aren’t drastically different but I’m okay with that!

Throughout the process, I have to say that the most effective of Caroline’s tips was to completely empty out my closet to begin. After mustering up the courage to do such a thing, I realized how helpful (and ridiculous) it was to see all my clothes laid out. Onward! I arranged all my clothes into piles, one of pieces that I unquestionably love, special occasion pieces, a maybe pile, a donation pile and a trash pile. Goodbye old jeans with rips in all the wrong places! To help myself part with some of the ‘maybes’, I stored them in a plastic container that I continue to sort through every so often.

Creating a capsule wardrobe has definitely been a process but it’s been one that I have enjoyed! The extra space in my closet exhilarates me because I love the feeling of lightening up and having less has actually allowed me to be more creative. Getting dressed feels easier & more enjoyable since everything in my closet now is loved & used. After discovering the joy that has come from scaling down my closet, I’ve been inspired to follow suit in other areas of my life. Since I started the capsule-project, I have since moved and lightened up loads in excessive belongings and have started reading Gretchen Rubin’s ‘The Happiness Project’. The book has been so inspiring that I barely got through Chapter 1 before formulating my own ’12 Commandments’ and Happiness goals for the rest of the year. Check it out, you will love it. More to come on how I plan to carry out my Happiness Project.