Hey there. I’m finally on winter break and cannot begin to tell you how happy I am that classes are over for a bit. It’s time to take a breather and enjoy some of my favorite things about this time of the year. I see lots of fires, cocoa, Christmas music & outdoor time in my near future.

This year has been a rather challenging one. Events like the failing health of my grandmother & grandfather, some way-less-severe health issues of my own, starting school again after a 5-year hiatus, starting a new job, moving, tying up some financial issues and recently being forced to trade MiNi in because of astronomical repair costs have left me feeling extremely stressed and just drained. That all being said, I’m very much looking forward to 2015…but even moreso to this little mini-break I get right now. I intend to soak up every miute of it and just be thankful that things have finally started calming down. I can’t wait to just do normal things like go for a run when I want or sit down with a book without stressing that I should be studying or writing papers! As short-lived as this time will be, I’ll take it. One more year of undergrad classes and my masters program will follow that…oh boy. Breathe. See – this break is very necessary.

As far as the minimalistic adventure with my wardrobe is going…it’s getting better and better. I’ve gotten rid of so much and have been narrowing down my closet bit by bit to things I really love. I will eventually write a post on how I got started on this whole minimal wardrobe idea but for now I’m still trying to find my way. Guessing I should write that post sooner than later since I have a feeling this will be a process instead of a quick transition. Hope everyone down here in sunny S. FL is enjoying this bout of cooler weather we’ve been having. They never last long!