This is such the typical ‘me’ outfit that I would probably live in it, if that were socially acceptable…but then again, I probably wouldn’t have this blog either ;)

The love of this familiarity & comfort got me thinking about how much things have actually changed in my life within a matter of months and I know that even more changes are coming. Returning to school after such a lengthy hiatus has been a lot to manage but I’ve finally gotten to a better place with that.  Not to mention, given the return to school, I also changed jobs and have been readjusting to that – although happily so for some unexpected reasons – and of course there’s also the multitude of other little things that come along with those larger changes, like finding day-to-day balance, getting in the rhythm of new routines, etc.  All in all the changes have been good and some great (& surprising :) things have come out of them.

In saying all that though, I realize that I haven’t been the greatest at embracing the process or being very patient with myself.  I end up putting a lot of pressure on myself and tend to only focus on what I still want to accomplish, what I have yet to attain, etc. and in that mindset, it’s hard to appreciate the blessings you have around you and to also take notice of & relish in all those little things that make you, you.  One thing I’m very grateful for is the love for myself that truthfully hasn’t always been there, but has grown over the years, thank God.  It’s so easy to go through life without ever purposing to be introspective.  Unfortunately the mentality to always keep busy usually supersedes the need to stop and take a look in the mirror – bad and good.  Without ever doing so, it’s hard to love or appreciate yourself  because, most of the time, we don’t even stop long enough to find out who we are, what is important to us, what we really need in life, how we should love and be loved, etc.  God knows I’m not claiming to know all the ins & outs of His will  but I do owe Him a ton of thanks for intervening in my life and showing me who I was, and why & how to love myself.






Tee: Old Navy

Jeans: Vigoss via Nordstrom

Shoes: {very loved} TOMS

Jacket: Target

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