It’s beautiful out on campus this morning and I’m just enjoying sitting here reflecting on this past week!  It’s probably been the most productive one I’ve had since the beginning of this year.  I’ll admit that it’s taken me a while to fall back into the swing of things with school but I think I’ve finally turned a corner!  All I can say is that prayer works! Seems like a no-brainer but unfortunately, it’s something that’s taken a back seat… Read more »

The downpour that greeted me at my front door this morning was the perfect reminder of how much things are really out of our own control. Short & sweet: heres to no fear and letting go…

Song Recipe Motivation Photo Lyric I have reason to believe, that I have victories to taste, I can feel them on my teeth, upon my lips and in my chest, I can roll them on my tongue, they are more supple than defeat, I feel the tension in my lungs, and every move is filled by my resolve to breathe Chris Carrabba – Dashboard Confessional  

Spring break is unfortunately over and although it didn’t feel like much of a break since I still had to work, it was at least nice to have some time away from classes!  Come to think of it, this weekend didn’t really feel like a break for some reason though either.  I did finally get some time to work on (and help – woohoo!) with the blog this weekend, happily breaking the mini-hiatus.  All in all I’m still getting the… Read more »