Ok, so I admit I didn’t wear this today but that’s only because all that cooler weather we were having here is starting to fade and the ridiculous heat is returning slowly but surely! It’s still been pretty nice out, but it’s getting way too hot for boots :( Knowing that kind of weather doesn’t last here, a friend of mine snapped these cold-weather outfit shots of me last week! School was really good today, I only had two classes… Read more »

I don’t know what it is about driving but I find it so therapeutic.  I know not everyone’s so fond of it, but if there’s something bothering me, it’s just one of the many outlets that helps me to see clearer, pray without distraction, get my thoughts in order and just retain some earlier state of calmness. The problem is sometimes you reach your destination and want to keep driving, ha! I have to admit that my enjoyment of driving,… Read more »

Last night a good friend of mine invited me to the art community, FATVillage, in downtown Ft. Lauderdale. They host an event called ArtWalk the last Saturday of every month and it turned out to be such an eclectic assortment of art, food & music. Even the business offices were cool… They also had a fully functional boutique on wheels, called The Trendy Truck, complete with a dressing room! After walking the streets looking at the different galleries, we ended up @ C &… Read more »

It only makes sense that I would choose now to work on my first non-introductory post, when there’s a ton of studying to be done, of course.  What can I say, I excel at procrastinating!  Besides working at the office all day and trying to fight a cold, I do have one exciting piece of news to share — I got a camera today!  I’m so excited and can’t wait to start experimenting with it! So apologies in advance if… Read more »